Tibetan Organic Farmers Take to Compassionate Action

Hello, Tashi Delek and Namaste from India.

Today was an incredibly awesome day!

Morning Activities:

It started off at 6:00 am with a sunrise rickshaw ride to the Indian community to conduct profiles of the recipient families. We interviewed 15 families who have now received 3 deliveries of rice. The assessment consisted of profiles of each family to include name and age of all family members residing in the home. Additional data includes, type of work, monthly income, any government assistance and whether or not the children are attending school. More information regarding the assessment will be provided in future posts but it was very interesting to start the day with this community and see their daily activities such as the long distance they walk to retrieve water, the refilling of the kerosene lantern since they have no electricity,  breakfast being prepared on open fires, and best of all, the excitement of the children as they head off to school. I will say however the information obtained on this community notes destitute poverty with incomes ranging from $18 a month to $40 a month which is noted in the hunger index as those who suffer from serve hunger and malnutrition as they live on less than $1.00 a day to $1.50 a day.

Afternoon Action

Tibetan Organic Farmers step up compassionate action with Pennies for Partnerships.

The Tibetan Organic Farmers have been working on the construction of an organic outlet shop in Tattahali Settlement Camp, (Mundgod) scheduled to open to the public March 25th. The outlet will offer the farmers additional exposure and opportunities to sell directly to the local community which will also help increase the direct benefit to the farmers and address poverty among the Tibetan Organic Farmers.

March 14, 2012 Pennies for Partnerships was the first to make a direct purchase from the new outlet shop. The Tibetan agricultural officers invited me to an Organic Farmers committee meeting where I had the opportunity to present to 8 committee members, 3 Agricultural Officers and the settlement officer head Secretary, the Pennies for Partnerships Compassionate Outreach project to address poverty in the Tibetan Organic Farming community while at the same time addressing hunger in the surrounding India communities. The feedback was very positive from the farmers and it appears we have huge support from the leaders of each camp.

Following the meeting the committee members reconvened at the new construction site of the Organic Outlet. Additionally they all showed their support and participation while preparing the next distribution.

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After bagging rice, our past team members and I distributed 20 bags of rice to the families in the Indian and Tibetan communities which we have identified living with destitute poverty and food insecurity. Now having worked with us through several deliveries the team is prepared to carry on the distributions as planned for the months to come. As a social work project we seek to reach self-reliance within the operations of the project as well as move forward with new developments. I feel confident in the team in that when I am not here they will successfully carry on the project with efficiency and compassionate action given to those who have been chosen as recipients of  the rice.

Additionally, we seek to maintain consistency with the program and are looking for contributors who will commit to sponsoring a family for one year for as little as $15.00 a month. More details to come on how to become a Golden Partner of Compassion. I will be compiling profiles of the families  and sending information to those interested. You will be provided details such as number of members in the family, age, income, and type of work they conduct along with photos.

So if you or anyone you know might be interested in helping address food insecurity, hunger, poverty and environmental commitment to organic farming please email me at penniesforpartnerships@gmail.com.

Also, please remember “sharing is caring” and we appreciate your assistance in helping spread the word. All measures for marketing the outreach project is through social networking and the help of you spreading the word.

Those interested can donate directly online through payal and receive a tax deduction. Also, we are currently conducting an online raffle which details are provided in the previous post “Bangles for Bucks”.

Thanks you to all who make this possible as I am only the messenger of your compassionate action and generosity.

More details on our nonprofit status can be found at our official website of Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas (TCIA).


and any donations made through the TCIA website please designate Pennies for Partnerships which is also listed under the activities link.

Thank you from the Tibetan Organic Farmers, the Indian community and TCIA for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey

Project Director – Pennies for Partnerships


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