Is it the Big Bully ….

So I just am a little concerned about the possibility the United Nations, bearer of the Declaration of Human Rights (DHR), is being bullied. My understanding is that the DHR holds explicit notions of freedom of expression. Well isn’t freedom of expression what ART is all about? So shouldn’t we be concerned as a global community that the heart and soul of the declaration is being dominated by a world leader? Isn’t this the purpose for the United Nations and issues regarding human rights? Why would they give their power away?

So as I write this blog many of you have no idea what I am referencing to…well take a look at this article and if you have feelings of concern for our liberties feel free to pass it on.

This sculpture was at onetime on display with 144 images of victims and survivals of violence. The images were removed and the artists work was censored after a request was filed …read who requested these images to be barred from the exhibit. Then I challenge you to consider why?

Also take a moment and read this article also.

I just have to wonder about it all… advocates it is so necessary to see the correlations. What do you think?


SAFE WATER NEEDED – call to action

Tashi Delek (hello)

First I would like to say thank you to all of you for your interests and efforts in the Tibetan cause. I know and realize there are so many different social concerns and it is difficult to determine when and where to give. As well I want to say thank you to those who have given to the campaign for safe water (see below for details in reaching the goal).

Today I am asking for only a small level of generosity and compassion from a lot of people. Pennies for Partnerships was created with the idea to distribute the call to action among the large numbers of us who do care and who can give a little. When I say a little you must know that the smallest amount you can think of is appreciated and utilized. The Pennies for Partnerships campaign seeks to benefit others through small acts of human kindness.

Palyul Choekhorling Nyingmapa Buddhist monastery registered non-profit charitable institute in Kangra, India

These are some of the lives you will impact with better health and better quality of life. If you will please just help me get 400 people to give $5.00 each we would meet our goal of only $2000.00. A little today goes a long way for tomorrow …. It’s easy you can do it from your cell phone even…paypal:  

So you want to know why you should do it?


I am asking that you forgo  the next bottle of water, coke, or beer and instead give to the purchase of a water filter that will provide safe drinking water to 250+ people.  Below are some of the faces of those you will be helping. Please give a little today  it’s easy and it’s cheap….. Remember Pennies for Partnerships

Also you can mail a check to



Mailing address: P.O BOX 19826, New Orleans, LA 70179, USA


notify me directly and I will let you know where to mail it directly.

Thank you again to the current donors who have contributed $330.00 towards the small goal of $2000.

You all are awesome for giving your support and generosity. Leaving your mark piece by piece. It’s these little random acts of kindness that keeps us all bonded in the global community. Thank you.

Kind regards,


P.S. If we could just get the following…. I have that many in my e-mail contact or facebook or twitter but maybe you can help spread the word that it’s a great cause and it’s a pennies thing…..

1000 people $2.00

400 people  $5.00 each

200 people $10.00 each

100 people $20.00 each

50 people $40.00 each

or one really nice person!!! Please share this with your friends. Thank you.