Teachers for Tibetan Education

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Today I have received a request from the charitable organization I will be working in called Lha. The programs at Lha focus on educational empowerment and they have just told me they are in desperate need of WHITE BOARD MARKER PENS for the classrooms.

So in addition to the clothing drive I would like to ask all teachers if they have a WHITE BOARD MARKER to please donate if you can spare one. Please know it will go towards a good cause. Feel free to drop off WHITE BOARD MARKERS at my house and leave in my mailbox if I am not home or e-mail me and I will manage a way to pick them up. I just hope there is a way for many people to donate one pen and then the cost will add to pennies for those who choose to donate.

Thanks for your consideration and I appreciate your efforts.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey


Maintenance to Blog

Hey everyone. As I learn the system for my blog I had to do some maintenance. If you visited the site yesterday to see photos of Nyingtob Ling Home please revisit the site now.


Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Nytingtob Ling Project

Hello and Tashi Delek. Remember to click the title and go directly to my blog and have access to photos, news and more.

Today I want to share with you information about a home I visited at the end of my journey last summer. In the Tibetan community of Norbulingka in India there is a place named Nyingtob Ling. It is a home for children with disabilities and or special needs.

Please see the attached website that was created today so others may become aware of their project as well as their needs.



It is a beautiful place and I am happy to be able to have assisted them with new exposure on the worldwide web. It is my gift to them for showing me around and being so kind to all.

Thanks to my good friend Daniel (who assists me with my India blog) I was able to create the site.

Please check it out.

Clothing Drive in Action

I just want to thank the first two Friends of Fayetteville that have donated clothing items- Thank you. Please see below for details under the title blog…Back To India.

Back To India

Tashi Delek.
Today is an exciting day as I announce my return trip to India. I will be working in a social work organization in the Tibetan community of Dharamsala where I was last summer. I have been awarded a research grant for my topic of non-violence which will be an important focus of this blog in the months to come.

The organization I will be working with is called Lha so check out their website.


I am initiating a clothing drive at this time to take to India. My friend Dolkar has two grandchildren that are in much need of clothing and shoes. The boy is 1 1/2 and the girl is a newborn. Many of you know how quickly the children grow so any items for children will be of great assistance for Dolkar’s family. Most of the donations will be contributed to Lha to be distributed as needed. I have had an offer from a kind person to pay for the fee to transport the donations so now I need your assistance in building a collection of items to donate. I will be happy to come by and pick up or you can drop it by.

Also I will continue the Pennies for Partnerships and anyone interested in making a contribution feel free to drop off coin jars, aluminum or clothing items :

436 N Mission Blvd
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Please drop soon so I can assess the situation.

Or you can mail a check if you desire.

Thank you again for your consideration and compassion. I can honestly say the Tibetans are gratefully appreciative.

Please let’s keep in touch.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey