Your Donation Would Be Appreciated

Tashi Delek and hello to you.

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to Pennies For Partnerships.

Contact me directly if you have questions after reading the blog Email

Who are the beneficiaries of donations? Find a list of past beneficiaries of donations to Pennies For Partnerships in the sidebar here. Beneficiaries have included the Tibetan Women’s Association, Tibetan Women’s Heritage, clothing drive, organic farmers, food drive, and others. Read the latest posts on the blog for updates on current beneficiaries.

Please subscribe to my email updates (more info in the sidebar) and read the latest updates on the blog home page for India Tibetan Social Work.

In 2011 a new food drive is underway. Click here to read a post about the distribution of donations in February, 2011.

What is blog about? Accepting donations and turning it into action through Pennies For Partnerships is one purpose of this blog. Documenting travel, sharing pictures, explaining about social work, advocacy for human kind, are among the benefits of blogging during international travel. Pennies For Partnerships is one productive and collective effort which was launched from the travels and friendships described in this blog since 2008 and even before starting the blog website.

There are other ways to help Pennies For Partnerships if you are unable to donate money.

Please tell others about this.

Send the link to your email contacts, Facebook friends, or other social networks. Follow @indiasocialwork on Twitter.

Post a message in the comments section available on each blog post. Your support and feedback is important and appreciated, and helps keep this going strong.

Start a conversation in your community, among your family and friends.

Together we help make a difference.

Thank you for reading the Tibetan Social Work Blog


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