Earthquake in Tibetan Region

Tashi Delek.

I write today with sadness and concern for the many Tibetans who have lost their lives,  loved ones and homes in the earthquake which occurred yesterday in the Kham region of Tibet. The disaster has devastated the region and the death toll is currently at 617 as the rescue continues. Phayul reports that “many people are still buried in the debris as more than 85 percent of houses in Gyegu, mostly made of mudbrick and wood, had collapsed”. There is video posted on the website which can be accessed by using the link provided and scroll down the page to find the video insert at the bottom.

This is a time of mourning for the Tibetan population who have already faced years of struggle with strict laws and regulations implemented by Chinese rule. We can only pray that this situation will bring relief efforts from the Chinese government to assist the thousands of displaced Tibetans. I also pray the media will continue to cover this story so we are abreast of the efforts offered to this already marginalized population.


 Please pray for all those who are suffereing.