About PFP

Pennies for Partnerships/People Feeding People Outreach

A grassroots initiative to support Tibetan Organic Farmers with economic development and address hunger in India


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Pennies for Partnerships, is a grassroots initiative which was started in 2008. The current project is People Feeding People which is committed to economic development for Tibetan Organic Farmers in India and the UN Millennium Development Goals. The objective is to work directly with the Tibetan community and international friends to develop economic sustainability for organic farmers, to support environmental awareness, and most importantly to address poverty and hunger in India.


The Tibetan Organic Farmers are some of the poorest Tibetans living in India, yet work the hardest with labor intensive commitment to environmental sensitivity. There are approximately 160,000+ Tibetan refugees living in India. Over 60% of the Tibetan population in India subsists on agricultural occupations. In 2002 the Tibetan exile Government in India adopted an initiative for organic farming. The Mundgod Farmers are the most committed with approximately 400 farmers fully organic.

Pennies for Partnerships, offers support to the organic farmers through the People Feeding People Outreach by raising funds to purchase organic food direct from the farmers at fair market value.

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The project addresses hunger with the Compassion in Action gift giving where the purchases from Tibetan Organic Farmers is distributed to the surrounding Indian villages where food insecurity is a concern. Malnutrition accounts for nearly 50% of child deaths in India and according to the latest report on the state of food insecurity in rural India, more than 1.5 million children are at risk of becoming malnourished because of rising global food prices.


The project is ongoing and is only made possible by generosity of the gift givers who see the importance in supporting the Tibetan organic initiative, and the global community’s commitment  to address hunger and poverty through communities giving to communities in need.

We are committed to compassionate action and ask for your support to help end hunger.

March 2012 Distribution 109A



  1. August 3, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    I am hoping to come to India again after almost 30 year absence..to do some kind of social work. I prefer to be on west coast goa or kerala working with a smaller social service organization maybe 2015 or 2016. If things work out I would spend a lot of time there each year. I need any suggestions and links to small social service organizations, religious groups etc who do social work. I especially would like to be able to email to people actually doing social work so i can correspond with them to help determine where i might want to join later. I am an accountant although i prefer to do outdoor activities such as instructing or overseeing organic gardening, micro-loans and helping create ways for people to sustain themselves for the long term.

    Thank you for your help.
    Roger Casad – currently working in Alaska with my daughter Kristine in Portland, Oregon.

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