Important Day March 10th

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Photobucket Today marks the fifty year anniversary since the Tibetan uprising against Communist Chinese. In 1959 the communist Chinese invaded the peaceful country of Tibet and since then has oppressed Tibetans not allowing their full human rights for freedom of religion and expression. A majority of Tibetans support the Dalai Lama’s efforts to bring Democracy and Freedoms to the people of Tibet.

Today will hold many peaceful protests around the world as once again the continued struggle for the world to hear their plight is requested.

I am currently in Dharamasala, India working at a social work organization called Lha Charitable Trust. Lha provides empowerment for Tibetans in exile and offers them educational opportunities and economic development opportunities to better their quality of life as refugees.


There are a few things you can do today to show your support for the people of Tibet and those in exile. First I ask that you send your prayers and support for their cause. Secondly if you can take a moment and and send an e-mail or letter to your political leaders asking for support for human rights in China for Tibetans and others throughout the country as well forward this link to all your contacts in your email address book. If you use the Twitter website, post a tweet today with the tag word #Tweet4Tibet and mark it as a reply to me @indiasocialwork on Twitter.

Finally I ask that you join the campaign to make a difference in the lives of Tibetans and ask others to do the same.

In conjunction with the Pennies for Partnership idea I have started a campaign for the Lha Charitable Trust called “Make your Mark Campaign”.

This fund raiser seeks to create an influx of dry erase markers and funds to be sent to Lha Charitable Trust in India for their educational needs; the idea was taken from the movie “Paperclips”. There are two ways you can participate and remember it only takes about $1.00 to $2.00 to make a difference in the lives of Tibetan refugees.

Photobucket 1) You can mail a marker to: (this can be mailed the least expensive way and you can print an a shipping label online from USPS
Lha Chaaritable Trust
Lha Office
Temple Road

McLeod Ganj 176219

Dharamsala, Distt. Kangra


2) You can donate directly through their paypal account (remember even just $1.00 helps because it purchases 2 markers)

Please I realize there are difficulties every where but most of us we cannot imagine what it would be like to live displaced from our families in another country unable to travel back to our homes. Many of us also do not know what it is like to have grown up without educational opportunities or freedoms.

I ask that you take a moment to contemplate how you can make a difference in someone’s life as a global community joining together to make a difference.

Make You Mark…………….

Thanks and for more information visit my blog
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I chose this format today because my blog post does not notify you for 24 hours and TODAY is a very important day in Tibetans lives.


Send dry erase markers for the Make Your Mark campaign

Tashi Delek and Hello. Please note that many photos have been added to my earlier blog post about Tibetan Losar so be sure to visit the blog on the web at and also take a moment to share this link with others. Also remember my frequent status updates on Twitter @indiasocialwork.

Make Your Mark dry erase markers 350 160 I was informed today by the director of Lha that they go through a lot of markers weekly, so this helps: Annette and Jeremy Scott participated in the beginnings of a Dry Erase Marker drive. A big thanks for the 40 plus markers that will be made use of in classes at Lha.

I have talked to Ngawang the director about doing a marker drive since it is a critical tool for the Tibetans education and he was excited about it. I have to give credit to my friend Kelly Buckley who is a teacher and left a message before I departed that she would be happy to mail the donation I was not able to get from her before departing. You know that ice storm set me back so I apologize to anyone that I did not get back with in phone calls before departing.

So here’s the deal…if you have seen the documentary film Paperclips you will understand where this idea comes from. It also goes hand in hand with the Pennies for Partnerships concept. It takes just a little bit of effort and a small investment to “Make Your Mark” on Tibetan education. I found dry erase markers two for $1.00 at the dollar store. Just pick one up and slip it into an envelope and mail it to:

Lha Office

Temple Road

McLeod Ganj 176219

Dharamsala, Distt. Kangra


For those who are real savvy you know you can go online and print out a mailing label and mail directly from your home so it takes even less effort.

OK please if you know of people who would like to participate in the “Make Your Mark” on a Tibetan education with a dry erase marker please forward the information. Let’s see if we can make something happen like what happened in the Paperclips campaign.Let’s overwhelm the Lha office wiht the most critical tool for Tibetan education a dry erase marker.

Make Your Mark

On your Mark, get set Go….send markers Please.

Thanks to you all for your kindness and generosity. The gratitude is sincerely felt by all who receive your donations here in the Tibetan community.

Thu jee chee (thank you),


Paper Clips movie trailer

One of the inspirations for the Make Your Mark campaign for dry erase markers for education.

please see also my social work blog post of March 10, 2009 – for more information & encouragement regarding Make Your Mark:

Tibetan Losar and “Make Your Mark” campaign

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International community banner 200 It’s always good to know you are reading these posts. Thank you.

In another post I am introducing the Make Your Mark campaign with the latest details on how to contribute dry erase markers for Tibetan education.

So I wanted to just add a few photos and tell you about the morning of what is usually a big day of celebration for the Tibetan New Year Losar. I went to the Dalai Lama’s Temple and morning puja (prayer) was being conducted. A large crowd of Tibetans gathered some in their finest dress attire to honor the Tibetans who died in Tibet this past year. They are considered martyrs because they risked their lives to fight for justice for their people.

Losar monks resize450

When I arrived the monks were doing an offering in the temple which you will see in the photos. In a photos you may see a large stack of bread (not sure the name) and next to it is a very colorful butter sculpture.

butter sculpture resized 450

Yes the amazing art work is done by the monks and it is made from butter. It is an absolutely amazing art form and it holds very spiritual meaning of which I am not knowledgeable enough to explain. There was one Tibetan dance which you will see they are in beautiful dress and they have two swords they dance with. This dance I am told is a dance of good luck.

Shops closed resize 200tall Normally there would be large dance, music and celebration but this year because of the No Losar solidarity campaign the rest of the time was spent in prayer.

Losar normally lasts several days so currently the shops have been closed now for three days and some Tibetans are participating in protests.

Tibetan Flags 2009-02 resized 450

You will see a photo of a table set up with pictures of some Tibetans who died this past year. They were taking donations and lighting butter lamps in memory of them.

butter lamps for Tibetans resize 450

All in all it appears to be a very different type of New Year and families are keeping vigil while they gather at home. I have been invited over the last several days to join two different families for Tibetan tea in their homes.

They have some traditional treats that sit on the table that are served during tea. There is a bowl of mixed nuts, with candies mixed in. It completely reminds me of the way we have traditional Christmas candies and bowls of walnuts on the table. There is also a tradition of a fried treat call kipsie (not sure of the spelling) and the families make this by twisting dough in this beautiful design and then it gets fried. It is very delightful to have tea and treats with the Tibetan families and I feel very blessed to have this experience. I can only imagine what the real celebration must be like.

Members of Tibetan family resize 200

There are photos of children and teenagers which are a part of these families that have been so kind to invite me into their homes. This culture is truly amazing.I hope you will take time to visit the links to the left that will provide news updates of the situation in Tibet. At this time Chinese authorities have closed Tibet to all foreign travelers (tourists) and news media. I challenge you all to think about his….if there is nothing to hide why do they close off Tibet?

UN Justice for Tibet resize 450

I look forward to sharing more with you in the days to come.

Right now I would like to give a big thanks to those who donated clothing and dry erase makers for the organization Lha. In addition to Lha my friend Dolkar is very excited to have some clothing items to send to her grand children.

2009-02 resized 400border

Also my friend Gyurmey’s nieces benefited from some of the adult clothing that was provided. There are pictures provided of these lovely people. Thanks to the following people for their kind donations.

Meredith, Amber, Elizabeth, Brandi, Dusty and James thanks for the clothing. Also a big thanks to Jessy Lang at Good Things boutique (even though I was not able to pick up the items). Annette and Jeremy Scott participated in the Dry Erase Marker drive. A big thanks for the 40 plus markers that will be made use of in classes at Lha.

Thanks to you all for your kindness and generosity. The gratitude is sincerely felt by all who receive your donations here in the Tibetan community.

Thu jee chee (thank you),