Dalai Lama in Iowa

Tashi Delek.

Today His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be giving a talk and participating in a discussion at the University of Northern Iowa.

Tuesday, May 18 Events

The University of Northern Iowa will be streaming using an embedded Flash player as well as streaming with Real. Flash player 10.x is required to view Flash content. Otherwise download Real Player for Windows, Mac or Linux.

The web link is http://live.uni.edu/2010/05/18/conversation-his-holiness-14th-dalai-lama-tibet-educating-non-violent-world

Our professors from the University of Arkansas are there as they lay the ground work for the visit of His Holiness to the University of Arkansas next May. Stay tuned for more details of the visit which can also be accessed by linking to two websites:



Hope this information finds you in a timely manner so you too can tune in for the live stream discussion in Iowa.




Health Initiative

Tashi delek.

Every visit to India the Pennies for Partnerships has made a contribution to the Tibetan refugee community in India. The first partnership initiative was in summer 2008 when Pennies for Partnerships raised contributions for both the Tibetan Children’s Heritage Fund (now Tutors for Tibetans) and Tibetan Women’s Association. The second initiative contributed to Lha Charitable Trust where the Pennies for Partnership participants donated clothes which added to a very successful clothing drive and also the online raffle which contributed close to $1000. To date Pennies for Partnerships has contributed approximately $3000 total with each organization receiving about $1000.00 and clothing worth more than a thousand dollars.

This year on my return to India I would like to take the initiative for Pennies for Partnerships to address a health concern. Safe drinking water is a serious issue. There are many serious problems with unsafe drinking water that cause a great deal of health complications among the people. Another health issue being addressed is how the moist climate perpetuates a mold problem which causes health issues of Asthma and other respiratory complications. People are dying from these two issues and small contributions from many of us can rectify the problem.

I am just planting seeds right now as I brainstorm how we can continue the support that is much needed for a community that has so few resources to address these serious issues. This new initiative will maintain the previous concept of Pennies for Partnerships…  it just takes a little from each of us to add up and make a difference.

Please stay tuned for further details of how you can be involved to help save lives with very little effort.

Also  details about the visit of the Dalai Lama to University of Arkansas can be accessed through the Tibetspace  link on the left side bar.

Your continued interest in supporting Tibetan refugees is compassionate and considerate as well as much needed and appreciated.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey