Thanksgiving in India

Happy Thanksgiving and Namaste!

Take a look at the difference you have made in the lives and well-being of others. Your generosity and kindness has created food production and access for those in need

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I am sending best wishes to all of you and am thankful for the generosity you have shown over the years to support the Pennies for Partnership outreach. Yesterday I visited with the Tibetan Farmer who ran the pilot program for the shade hoop house. We were able to identify the areas of concern and the agricultural officers will be addressing the needed modifications. As well there are 10 farmers who have been determined the beneficiaries of the new hoop house construction to come. Camp 7 is approaching this project from a cooperative aspect and will work the two hoop houses built in their camp together to sell production of vegetables to the Monastery. The income will then be placed into the self-help groups which are established with farmer group for future micro loans to farmers who wish to build and construct their own hoop house production. Photos and Bios to follow as I am not able to visit to the Tibetan camp since the restrictions have increased as they plan for the Dalai Lama to arrive in December.  I was stopped by the police yesterday and told if I am to enter the camp they will jail me so I trust the farmers to report to us all on the progress of the construction which some fields have been in preparation and hope to have some construction in the next 2 weeks.

Today I started my day by visiting with the Indian families we have sponsored with Tibetan rice and dahl over the years and last year started the pilot program of sack gardening. It has been very successful for the families and there are some modifications and fungus has taken over during the monsoon season on some varieties of plants. We will sponsor them with more compost and establish a seed bank in the Indian community so they can expand their sack gardening.

Following the visit with the Indian families they decorated me and it was a wonderful bonding moment. Thanks to you all it is apparent that these families have increased their quality of life and they are very grateful. I will continue to meet with them in the weeks to come to identify other areas of concern. It is amazing to see the difference in their safety, security and sense of well-being now that they are becoming more food secure. Today they told me that now they have fewer and fewer days with hunger because of all the generosity and kindness that has come to them from you all.

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating and contributing to the program the focus right now is to generate funds to assist the Indian families with more sacks of rich compost, help to establish a seed bank for the Indian families and we will take assessments next to see if there are any medical needs especially for the children. Please visit the Go Fund Me page I have set up to assist in this grassroots initiative. 100% of all proceeds generated at this time will go to assist the Indian families and children in need.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and may you continually be blessed with good health from nutritious food as you have gifted to these families.

Kind regards,



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