Google Makes Statement for Human Rights

Tashi Delek and kudoos to Google for their support in Human Rights.

Associated Press and other media have been noting the position taken by Google to address the censorship in Communist China. Recently as reported by the Associated Press, Google moved their server to Hong Kong where the censorship of information is now the duty of the Chinese government. The system now has a slow delay in providing the information to those searching sensitive information on mainland China due to the communist control and censored information. There is hope that this delay will bring more emphasis upon the Chinese people to demand an uncensored internet.

As a player in the global community is it acceptable to have censorship preventing individuals their right to freedom of information, knowledge, choice, and all the freedoms that come from the ability to makes ones’ own determination. This might be referred to as self-determination which is to be available to all people through the Declaration of Human Rights.

Recently on March 10th there were two young Chinese men that stopped by the table where we were distributing information about the Tibetan cause. One of the young men who stated he had been in the United States for 5 months indicated he knew there was something about the situation in Tibet but he had never seen the Tibetan flag or been able to read anything about the situation. He discussed the censorship of information and indicated that he was curious because he really wanted to know the truth. He indicated he thought there was information he did not have due to the censorship and was interested in learning more.

This story is important because the people within mainland China do not have freedom to information to know of human rights violations and other concerns among the people. This is important to note because without adequate access to knowledge and information then we must ask What and Why is information being hidden from the populace?

Thanks to Google for taking an ethical position to stand against censorship and to stand for human rights. It is a bold move to take this position and it proves that Google has ethics beyond just a capitalistic mission.

Thank you Google and may your efforts bring about change within the people in mainland China to take a firm stand for their freedom to information and knowledge.

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Did You See The Interview?

Hello and Tashi Delek.

Just curious if you have seen the Larry King interview with the Dalai Lama? This is an interview that was held in follow-up to the Dalai Lama’s visit with President Obama. Take a moment and watch it explains a great deal about the position of the Tibetan people and their proposal for the Middle Way approach. This is one of the only interviews I have seen that the Dalai Lama is so animated about the cause. Animated might not be the best word but I could see and feel the intensity of his conviction to help the Tibetans find a balance to accept Chinese rule but negotiate for the Tibetans their freedoms for religion and expression.

Please watch it and comment to let us know your thoughts.

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March 10th join in Solidarity

March 10th marks the 51st year of Tibetan Uprising Day and is a very important day in the Tibetan culture. I ask that you do something today to join in solidarity with the Tibetan people to remember those who have lost their lives in the fight for basic human rights of freedom.

I sit as I write this while I watch our Tibetan brothers and sisters in Dharamsala India and reflect back to a year ago when I was able to join them physically on this day of solidarity. I am reminded of the stories they have told me of their struggles in Tibet as well as their struggles in India. I am saddened to think that their struggle continues. They are separated from their families and their homeland. Many live in fear as in Tibet at this time the strikehard campaign is in full effect. This means that their brothers and sisters encounter numerous amounts of military force instilling fear in them which prevents them from enjoying their cultural norms.

As I sit here and listen to them say their national anthem and sing a prayer I think what it would be like if we were not allowed to sing our national anthem or say our prayers and how empty our world would be without those important feelings of pride in your country and strength in your faith.

I ask that today you take  a moment and do something to support the Tibetan cause. Maybe you will say a prayer for those who suffer from the difficulties endured under the hardline regulations inside Tibet due to the Chinese strict regulations or a prayer for those who suffer from separation from families, and homeland. If you can tell someone about the Tibetan cause the fact that March 10th is an important day to join in solidarity maybe they will become aware of their plight. You might even join in a Tibetan awareness campaign in your community by joining a march. Or the easiest thing you might do is ready something on the Tibetan issues found in the left side bar at or visit one of the many Tibetan NGO’s website and contribute in someway.

Please I ask you take a moment to join me and thousands of people around the world who join together to show our support for the Tibetan cause for basic human rights.

Thank you for your efforts and remember it is the smallest efforts that make a difference as we have seen from the Pennies for Partnerships donations that started programs fro children’s education, clothing donated to Lha for children living in exile in India and literature published by TWA that tell the horrific stories of a tortured life. Now I ask that you keep your contributions going but this time it does not have to include any material contributions but your kindness and ability to spread the word. You might just choose to forward this link to a friend and make them aware of the Tibetan cause and the many links available on the leftside bar to information and news.

You generosity and compassion is always appreciated by the Tibetan people.

Thank you,