Tibetan Organic Farmers Hoop House Update

Hello, Tashi delek and Namaste.

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Much time has passed since I last updated you all on the People Feeding People Project. When I returned to the states I dove into my work here with the farmers market and we just launched opening day for the season. Now my mind drifts back to the Tibetan farmers to review again the updates sent in the last quarter. I sincerely apologize for the delay.

In December we outlined the plans for the coming months. The Indian families expressed their interest in expanding their capabilities with sack gardening and the Tibetan Organic Farmers moved forward with the development of the Hoop Houses funded by the People Feeding People benefit dinner held fall of 2013.

It’s so exciting to report to you that as of January there were 8 hoop houses constructed, 2 of which were constructed in December. The Tibetan extension officers reported “For watering Purpose, 5 Micro Jet Sprinkler with water pipe line were installed to each beneficiary’s farmer.” And he mentioned the “great zeal, enthusiasm and hard cooperation” of the Tibetan Organic farmers during the construction of the hoop houses. We have bio’s on each of these farmers:

Camp 8 – Male- 3 member family- avg farming income rs 10,000 yr- Organic Farming since 2008- mango, paddy (rice), and pulses (lentils or peas). Hoop House plan- chili, spinach, and eggplant.

Camp 1- 5 member family- avg farming income rs 8000 yr- Organic Farming since 2011- mango and local variety paddy (rice). Hoop House plan – chili, tomato, eggplant, and spinach.

Camp 5- single family household- avg farming income rs 7000 yr. Organic farming since 2011- mango and paddy (rice). Hoop House plan – chili, spinach, and lady finger (okra).

Old People’s Home (Outside Camp 3)- 108 elders of the community reside in this home- fist time planting garden and reported land is virgin and has only been used for fodder for cattle. Hoop House Plan- chili, spinach,and tomato.

Rato Monastery-est. 100 monks- avg rs 20,000 including dairy farm – Organic farming since 2010- paddy (rice), mango, and coconut. Hoop House Plan- chili, tomato, eggplant, and spinach.

And there were the previously reported beneficiaries reported on earlier with Dakpa (pilot farmer), the cooperative group and the female farmer of camp 4 who has started a nursery.

Here are just a few shots they have sent me over the last three months. It is so exciting to see fruit on the tomato plants and the dark green spinach. What a great sight to see, vegetable gardens growing!

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I have requested photos of harvest when the fruits and vegetables are ripe on the vine or just picked and since the extension service officers are doing such a wonderful job of program management we also realize they can’t always be there at the right time.   We look forward to seeing the harvest of the hoop house and getting more details as to how this is impacting their community with local food and economic opportunities for the Tibetan Organic Farmers.

In the January update from the Tibetan extension officers, following The Dalai Lama’s visit to the Tibetan Settlement, a rice delivery was made to the Indian families along with a sack of sugar for each family “as sweet welcome for the Happy New Year and successful sustainable year.”  Following in early March another rice delivery was made to the families.

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The update have been wonderful and as I continue to see the growth of the gardens I feel even more grateful to have been a messenger for you. It has been your compassionate outreach with resources that have this all possible.

At this time we are wrapping up the final details for the next development with the sack gardens. I am waiting on the final estimates for the rich soil and bags that will be delivered to the Indian families.  I will be transferring the funds for this expanded sack garden phase which were raised through the Go Fund Me campaign I ran this past fall. I will keep you posted as to the balance of funds left for that campaign. Until now we have utilized the remaining funds generated last year for the exception of the Go Fund Me $1200 + dollars.

Sty tuned for more details and updates of the soil delivery and the hoop house production.

Thank you again from the Tibetan Organic Farmers, the Indian families and me the messenger.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey



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