Pennies for Partnerships

Just a quick update on the Pennies for Partnerships:

Thank you to the 11 contributors that have donated a total of $648.99 for the India Education Fund. I look forward to sending you photos of the children, teachers and women that will benefit from your gifts. The funds will be distributed between The Tibetan Children’s Heritage and Tibetan Women’s Association. Please see below for more details of how the funds are distributed.

At this time we have established 10 months of salary for a teacher/tutor for a Tibetan refugee camp. The goal is to provide 9 refugee camps with at least one salary for a teacher to be established at each camp.

The Tibetan Women’s Association Stitches of Tibet program provides women training in tailoring as a trade for economic sustainability. The women are provided a sewing machine upon graduation of the program so the Pennies for Partnerships has now a contribution of $324.50 to be made towards the sewing machines.

Feel free to check back for updates and if you have pennies or aluminum you want to drop off or send a donation just post a comment with your e-mail and I’ll write you back.

Thank you for your contributions and prayers for the Tibetans. I hope you will take a moment and visit the Tibetspace listed on the left side of the screen.

Your support is gratefully appreciated,


Tibetan Woman in Dharamsala, Inida


India Journey Details

The travels to India will encompass a spiritual basis of interviewing Tibetan Buddhist Monks who were the original Freedom Fighters and were faced with the decision to leave Tibet to preserve their culture. We will be taking the oral history of Buddhist monks and the details to their life in exile. This will be a very interesting project and I will be participating in a group effort with University of Arkansas students who will be the initiators of a program that will continue over the next few years. The oral history could possibility be made into a documentary which will be awesome to have been a part of. I will be with the group for three weeks in India then I will drop off from the group and have an individual experience with the Tibetan community in Dharamsala. I will work in the community agency the Tibetan Womens Association addressing social concerns within the Tibetan exiled community. I hope to assist with establishing new programs to address the concerns of unemployment, domestic violence, and social stigma as refugees.

Please take the journey with me this summer and check back for updates. I will be exploring the culture from a spiritual basis as well as a social work concern. I hope to engage in daily yoga and meditation along with great excursions to unique places. I soon will have a subscribe button that will allow me to notify you when I have made a new post.

Thanks for checking in and if you are interested in the Pennies for Partnership details and how to contribute please post a comment. I will notify you of name and address for processing your donation.

All contributions are welcome especially prayers for the Tibetans.

Thug-jeche (thank you),


Pennies for Partners

Tashe Delek.

Just a quick update on the Pennies for Partnerships. Currently there have been 9 contributors and there is approximately $420.00. Thank you to those who have contributed. The Pennies for Partnerships will have funds split between The Tibetan Womens Association (TWA) and The Tibetan Children’s Heritage (TCH). The programs both provide educational opportunites for women and children. TWA has an economic development program called Stitches of Tibet which is a training program for Tibetan women who have recently been exiled in India. The program focuses on training the women with skills that will provide them self sustainable economic opportunities in tailoring. TCH is a program that provides tutors and teachers for the children in the refugee camps. The camps are suffering from inconsistency with teachers/tutors who are often volunteer. An evaluation was made of what it would take to have a salaried instructor and the outcome was $30.00 a month will provide one instructor for up to 15 students and $360.00 a year will provide a salary that offers consistency for the children and employment opportunities. There are 9 refugee camps that we hope to provide funding for educational programs for the children.

The Pennies for Partners will be split between the two programs unless contributors determine a specific program to donate to. Therefore we have just provided 7 months of consistent instructions at one of the refugee camps. I will provide you more details as to how the money will be utilized for the TWA program Stitches of Tibet but I would imagine these proceeds will go towards the purchase of supplies for the women in classes. Each woman enrolled in the Stitches of Tibet program is provided a sewing machine for personal keeping when graduating from the program.

Thank you for your support and interest in Partnering with the Tibetans. Please check back soon for new updates.

Thug-jeche (thank you),


Things to Come

Tashe Delek- Hello

Plans are in the works for the India-Tibetan social work experience.

Stop by again soon. I am looking forward to engaging you in the social work journey to little Lhasa, a town  nestled in the Himalaya Mountain foothills, the town of Dharamsala, India, home to 8000 Tibetan exiles. I hope to share with you the details of the resilience expressed by the spiritual people of the Tibetan heritage. I also hope to share with you stories of self-determination and continued hope for freedom for Tibetans to fully live with their cultural values of ancient history.

Please come back and visit soon and learn details of the “Pennies for Partnership” campaign.Proceeds from the “Pennies for Partnership” will assist educational programs for children in refugee camps and support the Tibetan Womens Association economic development programs.

Prayer Wheels Dharamsala

Thug-jeche (thank you),