Legislative Approval Moves Project Forward

Hello and Namaste after a very longtime.

I would like to first apologize for the long delay and explain that some of the delay was due to the lack of knowing what was to come for the project based on it being a pilot program that needed time to evolve and a severed sponsorship.

In my Social Work Master degree program at Tulane University where I studied to obtain an International Certification, it was emphasized that anytime development work is implemented, it must be done with caution to western imperialism. This is why with the hoop house project I have maintained the position that what we bring to them are resources which we hope to empower and provide advancement for the farming community. The Tibetan agricultural extension officers are extremely knowledgeable and know the climate and conditions of the soil as well as the farmers within the settlement.

After 6 months of a pilot program we are so very happy to announce that the Tibetan Legislative Assembly has approved the advancement of the program for construction of 15 additional green hoop houses. We are working on advancing the funds to them in hopes they will be able to start the construction now that monsoon season will be over.

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This is all made possible because of you and your generous contributions  made during the People Feeding People benefit dinner last year.

During this time of delay we have continued to distribute rice to the sponsored Indian families. Additionally, they have started their own sack gardens which we had a small video training on.

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More to come as we get kicked up and rearing to go with the expansion of the Green Hoop House project. The Tibetan agricultural officers  have reported the project has advanced self reliance for Dakpa the current farmer with the first hoop house. The report came in that he has been able to provide organic vegetables for his family, resulting in a savings for the household, as well, there was enough food produced to sell to some of the surrounding community providing additional income for Dakpa’s family.

I will be excited to see what is to come for the development of a local food network and local farmers market in the Tibetan Settlement.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the program please email me at penniesforpartnerships@gmail.com

In the past I have paid for my travel to and from India until last year a portion of my flight was sponsored by a longtime compassionate giver to the project. This year I will also be looking for sponsorship for cost of travel as my car is in ill repair and will be absorbing the budget I had set aside for the return.

As always, I would like to thank you all for your compassionate giving to the communities this project serves. We have now been funding projects since 2008 with your contributions and this is the first grassroots development we have sponsored. It is because of you that this is all made possible.

Thank you.


Kind regards,

Leann Halsey

Pennies for Partnerships Director


(sorry for the many typos it was an early morning post)


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