November PFP Distribution Finds Surprise News

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you near and far.

Today I write with true gratitude and thanks for the opportunity to serve others. This past year in India provided me the opportunity to engage with different people of different cultures. I want to acknowledge all who have made it possible for PFP to make a difference in the lives of others. Much gratitude goes to the Compassionate Givers of Pennies for Partnerships and the Tibetan Organic Farmers of Mundgod.

On November 19th the Tibetan Organic Farmers distributed the rice to the 20 families in Mundgod. Much to my surprise they found most of the families in their new housing complex.

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The quality of life for these families has substantially gone up over this past year with moving into permanent structures, with water and with the subsidized organic rice donated by PFP.

I was moved to tears today while looking at the photos of their new homes. I am anxious to return to India someday to conduct an evaluation/impact report on the benefits of the Pennies for Partnerships community outreach. Additionally, there are a number of other families we would like to reach who currently live under plastic with no electricity, water and experience food insecurity. We would like to believe the savings generated by the rice outreach has helped the families to curb hunger while at the same time offering financial benefits through saving the necessary funds to get into permanent structures; we seek to determine the outcomes though an evaluation process and expansion of the program.

Once again I give immense Gratitude to all the Pennies for Partnerships Compassionate Gift Givers for making this past year, a time of addressing hunger in the lives of those who experience food insecurity, and for supporting the ethical farming practices of the Tibetan Organic Farmers.

This next month brings lots of excitement to the Tibetan community of Mundgod as His Holiness the Dalai Lama is scheduled to give teachings in December. We are continuing the project in Mundgod with the Tibetan Organic Farmers and hope you will join us this holiday season by giving to those who face extreme poverty and hunger.

A 25kg (55 pound) bag of Tibetan Organic Rice costs $15.00 and will help to feed a family of 5 for approximately  2 weeks. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping to address hunger and poverty, while at the same time supporting Tibetan refugees and environmentally conscious farming practices, PLEASE donate organic rice.

100% of your donation goes directly for the purchase of rice.

Pennies for Partnerships – People Feeding People is a 100% volunteer outreach of the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas, a 501C3 nonprofit.

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Again, I thank you ALL for allowing me to be your messenger of giving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leann Halsey

Director- Pennies for Partnerships- People Feeding People

Tibetan Cultural  Institute of Arkansas