Winners of Lha $1.00 Raffle

Tashi Delek.

It is with great pleasure I announce the winners of the Lha Charitable Trust $1.00 Raffle.

Please click on the title or go directly to the blog if you are receiving this via e-mail. There you will find pictures of the Lha staff drawing the winners names.

It is only appropriate that the Lha Staff members are the ones who did the drawing although I had to draw at least once.

It was fun drawing and seeing the way it all turned out as I was wishing there to be prizes for everyone. Also I love how these things work.  Things like the very first donor to give money for the “Make Your Mark Campaign”, Jeremy Scott won prize number 10, a CD “Buddhist Chants & Peace Music” and Carolyn Thorpe the final contributor who sent her donation in the final hours with loving kindness to assist in making the goal of $1000.00, which we were just shy, won prize number 8 a book by the Dalai Lama, Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart.

The Raffle was very successful and offered a first time experience for myself and for Lha in utilizing modern technology in conjunction with paypal options and the sale of raffle tickets for a social work fund raiser.

The raffle started off as a project for the blog and Pennies for Partnerships but then grew to be a collaborative effort with Lha’s director Ngawang, and a wonderful volunteer from Louisiana, Erin. Through the use of the India Social Work Blog, the Lha website, facebook and twitter we were able to raise $918.00 for the educational programs and future community kitchen at Lha.

The online raffle had participants from 6 countries, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, France and India. The raffle was short time of only two weeks and proved to be very successful in finding some of the most kind and generous people of the world. The concept of the $1.00 raffle was so that most all people no matter what socio-economic status could possible have a chance of giving and receiving through the small donation of $1.00. I am happy to say that one of the winners was a contributor that purchased two tickets and another five tickets. Although there were some people who were able to contribute substantially more than others everyone had an opportunity to have their name drawn.

Obviously the most important aspect is the gift to the Tibetan refugee community and Lha Charitable Trust which provides many wonderful educational and community relief efforts.

The fundraisers and campaigns targeted for Lha fund these last few months by Pennies for Partnerships also contributed hundreds of clothing items and over 100 markers for the “Make your Mark Campaign”. Thank you to all the participants.

Below is a list of all raffle winners and the prizes won which will be mailed or personally delivered during the month of May. International winners will receive a package from India which I am sorry I do not know how long that will take. All winners residing in the US will receive their prizes via USPS. There were Twenty Prizes purchased with my contribution to Pennies for Partnerships and two prizes donated by Lha from the students’ photography project. Two photos taken by Lha students have been included in the raffle.

Below is a list of all prizes and the winners:

Tibetan Shawl- Lara Walker- CA

Prayer Wheel- Sharon Halsey-Hoover- CA

Shell Necklace- Andrea Caldwell- LA

Mens Om Mani bracelet- Love Your Girl LLC- CO

Tibetan keyring- Lara Walker- CA

Endless Knot necklace- Dust and James Anderson- AR

Prayer Flags- Elizabeth Mitchiner- CA

Dalai Lama Book- Carolyn Thorpe- KS

Inner Peace CD- Olivia Herbert- London UK

Buddhist Chants & Peace Music CD- Jeremy Scott- AR

Tibet Bag- Sharon Halsey-Hoover- CA

Ningtob Ling Multi Color Bag and incense- Andrea Caldwell- LA

Handmade Paper/Journal- Jennifer Peters- Canada

Meaning of Peace banner- Andrea Caldwell- LA

Peace T-Shirt- Amber Jackson- AR

Tibetan Women’s Association Books- Amber Jackson- AR

Yak Bone and Wood bracelet- Jody Cohen- AR

Lotus Mala Beads- Gay Heit- CA

Wood Spiral necklace- Amber Jackson- AR

Wood Bracelet- Sharon O’Grady- AR

Lha Student Photography- Rita Vail- AR

Lha Student Photography- Sharon Halsey-Hoover- CA

Once again I would like to thank all who have contributed and I am sorry for those who were not winners in the drawing but may you be blessed ten fold for your kindness and generosity.

Keep your eyes out for future opportunities to win raffles.

To recap the Pennies for Partnerships efforts over the past year has brought in approximately $3000 and many items of donations to the Tibetan refugee community and assisted the following programs.

1) Tibetan Children’s Heritage Fund pilot program to assist with longevity of teachers to provide for a more stable education for Tibetans and additional tutoring for children who do not have assistance at home.

2) Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) for Stitches of Tibet economic development program and the publication of Light in the Abyss: The Drapchi Nuns (anyone interested in this publication should contact me for I am bringing to the US 36 copies).

3) Lha Charitable Trust fund raiser were the Clothing Drive, “Make Your Mark Campaign on Tibetan Education, and the $1.00 Raffle. All proceeds contribute to social work programs of Lha.

On behalf of the Tibetan community and myself thank you to all of you for your continued efforts with the Pennies for Partnerships programs. The efforts to assist the Tibetan refugees in India have been greatly appreciated by the community.

Thu-je-chhe (Thank you),

Leann Halsey

The next blog will highlight the book Light in the Abyss: The Drapchi Nuns made possible by the Pennies for Partnerships, the Nyingtob Ling handicap Craft Home visit, and the most recent project for elders started by Tenzin Kyipa it is called Jamste. Jamste is a project to assist elders with outings so they have activities that are stimulating and they have interaction with others. Great program and great lady leading the new project.

Check out the pictures of these projects on the photobucket page.


Two Days to Win

Tashi Delek!

Hello and remember if you are receiving this on e-mail please click on the title bar to go directly to the blog where you will find pictures and more to enhance the reading enjoyment.

This is a quick post to remind you that there are two days left to purchase your raffle tickets for only $1.00 and get your name in the drawing for many wonderful Tibetan gifts.

There are about 30 participants in the raffle at this time and you there are many prizes so if you have a moment and $1.00 to play there is a good cahnce you can win a lovely prize from the Tibetan refugee community. At the same time you are providing a wonderful gift to hundreds of Tibetan refugees in India because you will be supporting the educational programs that empower them to live a more productive life while in exile.

Below is a list of the current raffle participants and if your name is not on the list and you have sent a contribution in the form of a paypal donation, clothing donations, or markers please notify me.

If you want to be in the drawing there is still time to participate. Just take a moment and go to

Today I had a wonderful experience and was invited to meet one of the students parents. They are very lovely and the mother arrived one month ago from Tibet. There is very little I can say for safety reasons of the refugees especially when they are new arrivals. All I can tell you is the hospitality of the families that have so little and the joy they bring into my life with their sweet and endearing actions of kindness is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. This culture is made up of people who are kind and giving and although they have so little they would give everything they have to me or you if they knew it would make you happy. I have been so blessed to be able to experience this amazing culture of people that have experienced such hardships yet they maintain generosity and kindness while enduring such struggles you and I would never be able to possibly understand.

Thank you to all of you for your kindness and generosity you have shown the Tibetan refugees through your thoughtful contributions. The smallest gifts you give continue to add so much to their lives as they sincerely do not look for handouts but look for ways they can become educated and empowered to participate in society.

The following are people who’s names are currently in for the raffle drawing based on your different types of contributions.Tashi Delek also means Good Luck in Tibetan. I look forward to notifying you all next week of the fabulous prizes you have won.

Thank you,


Amber Jackson
Gay L Heit
LoveYourGirl LLC
piteira-martins Sandra
Sara Daly
Sharon K Halsey-Hoover
sloane mandy
Zabrina De Los Santos
Erica Kane
Rita Vail
Sharon O’Grady
Meredith Suttle
Amber Jackson
Brandi Pledger
Elizabeth Mitchiner
Dusty and James Anderson
Jerrmy Gawthrop
Jasson Henderson
Deb Halsey
Jeremy Scott
Clair Lowe
olivia herbert
Julia Cheng
David Brister
Jennifer Peters
Morgan Knotts
Daniel Gold
gary scott
Andrea Caldwell
kathleen woodrow
Jody Cohen
Lara Walker
Denise Doherty
Mary Pat Thompson

Tibetans in Exile Empowered Through Social Work Efforts

Tashi Delek (Hello).

If you are receiving this by e-mail please be sure to click on the title to go directly to the blog so you can see pictures of the incredible people. Also please remember to share this link with your friends and tell them about the great prizes they can win.

So this is an update post regarding the importance of social work efforts in the Tibetan refugee community in Dharamsala, India. The photos are taken at the social work agency Lha Charitable Trust which works diligently to provide programs for the many Tibetans in the community who seek education and relief from the many struggles they experience as a displaced population. Read in past blogs below for further information regarding the plight of Tibetans.

Lha Charitable Trust continues to provide assistance through education and empowerment. They offer many classes in language and computers.

Recently Lha students and I engaged in open dialogue about the topics of social work and non-violence. I forever am  learning of the perseverance of the non-violent actions they continuously pursue. As well I learn of their aspirations to obtain education with the hope of a better quality of life. Many take language classes to acquire work in the tourist industry in McLeod ganj and others wish to return to Tibet to work as tour guide. Some students want employment in the NGO’s or with the exiled Government. As much as I can tell they all have dreams of new tomorrow with freedoms.

Over the past 50 years since Communist China invaded their peaceful country the Tibetan population has taken and continues to take great risks to speak out for freedoms which have been taken from the Tibetans. The proof that they flee their native lands sometimes facing the escape route through the Himalaya mountains on foot for 40 days and nights with only the cloths on their back is proof they cannot live under the conditions of harsh control of the Communist China.

Please remember for the most part we do not have much choice in where our parents choose to give birth to us nor do have much choice as a child of our race or nationality. Therefore I ask that you remember the people who are exposed to the dominate force of communist rule which steals from the people their basic freedoms provided to many of us due to our birth location.

I can assure you the the determination of this population is not looking for handouts from the world they are looking for ways to become more educated so to participate in society through meaningful efforts.

They also look for the international community to support their efforts to participate in society by understanding the horrific conditions inside Tibet under Chinese communist rule. Many Tibetans travel from long distances in exile and spend every rupee they have to get here to learn english and computer or anything they can grasp in the educational realm. They put forth a great deal of effort to make it to classes at Lha. It is through their continued desire to develop skills which brings them to Lha in hopes of finding a better quality of life through education and self sustainability.

This is why we are offering the $1.00 Raffle tickets. It is with the international communities support that Lha can continue to build the programs that will empower the Tibetan refugee community. The Tibetans in exile seek a place in the international community as contributing members of the global society. It is with your efforts this is made possible.

Please purchase a raffle ticket (or as many as you wish) for only $1.00 and increase your opportunity to win wonderful Tibetan crafts while at the same time increasing the confidence and development of the Tibetan refugee community. Donate on paypal and get your name in the drawing.

DONATE NOW… don’t wait do it today there is only 4 days left to increase your opportunity for great prizes. It is all made possible through Paypal so it is quick and easy and it is only $1.00 which goes farther in India then the $1.00 luxury item you may choose to sacrifice today (like the candy bar, coke, beer or …). Here is a list of some of the many great prizes you can win:

Music cd’s, beautiful jewelry, Tibetan shawls, prayer wheels, handmade paper journals, incense,  photographs, clothing items, bags, books, prayers flags, banners, letter holders and many many other wonderful crafts from the Tibetan culture. If Purchased in the United States prizes range from the cost of $1.00 to $100.00.

Also I want to just comment on the wonderful success of the free clothing give away held at Lha this past Saturday.

Lha had such an amazing turnout for the relief effort they had to close the doors because there would not have been enough clothing for those who stood in line.

Over 1000 clothing items were distributed many were items from the Pennies for Partnership fund raiser in Fayetteville, AR. Thanks to those of you who contributed the many wonderful children’s items because there were many families that benefited from your donations.

There were several hundred people served by the clothing give away …

OK just one last reminder…Lha Charitable Trust will utilize 100% of the purchase from the sell of $1.00 raffle tickets to benefit the Tibetan refugee community through the continued development of education and the new development of a community kitchen to feed those who have hunger.

Don’t hesitate please donate now it only takes a minute and it’s only $1.00 or as much as you wish. Also we ask that you please help Lha facilitate this Fund Raiser by sending this notice to your contacts, linking on your websites and blogs and posting events on your Facebook accounts. Just copy and paste the blog address and send on to others that may have the desire to offer compassion and empowerment to Tibetan refugees.

Thank you for your Compassion in Action to help support the international social work efforts of Lha Charitable Trust in cooperation with Pennies for Partnerships. There are many more photos of classes, clothing give away, and Tibetan culture on the photobucket page and in the many albums displayed in the photobucket page on the left side bar.

Remember there are many many prizes to win so Tashi Delek (also means good luck in Tibetan).

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey

As Always please excuse any editing errors that have not been made at this time. Thank you.

Lha Staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make the clothing drive a success.

Tibetan Losar and “Make Your Mark” campaign

Tashi Delek and Hello. Please remember to click on the title of this blog to go directly to the site where you will have access to photos and I will be able to see your visit to the site.

International community banner 200 It’s always good to know you are reading these posts. Thank you.

In another post I am introducing the Make Your Mark campaign with the latest details on how to contribute dry erase markers for Tibetan education.

So I wanted to just add a few photos and tell you about the morning of what is usually a big day of celebration for the Tibetan New Year Losar. I went to the Dalai Lama’s Temple and morning puja (prayer) was being conducted. A large crowd of Tibetans gathered some in their finest dress attire to honor the Tibetans who died in Tibet this past year. They are considered martyrs because they risked their lives to fight for justice for their people.

Losar monks resize450

When I arrived the monks were doing an offering in the temple which you will see in the photos. In a photos you may see a large stack of bread (not sure the name) and next to it is a very colorful butter sculpture.

butter sculpture resized 450

Yes the amazing art work is done by the monks and it is made from butter. It is an absolutely amazing art form and it holds very spiritual meaning of which I am not knowledgeable enough to explain. There was one Tibetan dance which you will see they are in beautiful dress and they have two swords they dance with. This dance I am told is a dance of good luck.

Shops closed resize 200tall Normally there would be large dance, music and celebration but this year because of the No Losar solidarity campaign the rest of the time was spent in prayer.

Losar normally lasts several days so currently the shops have been closed now for three days and some Tibetans are participating in protests.

Tibetan Flags 2009-02 resized 450

You will see a photo of a table set up with pictures of some Tibetans who died this past year. They were taking donations and lighting butter lamps in memory of them.

butter lamps for Tibetans resize 450

All in all it appears to be a very different type of New Year and families are keeping vigil while they gather at home. I have been invited over the last several days to join two different families for Tibetan tea in their homes.

They have some traditional treats that sit on the table that are served during tea. There is a bowl of mixed nuts, with candies mixed in. It completely reminds me of the way we have traditional Christmas candies and bowls of walnuts on the table. There is also a tradition of a fried treat call kipsie (not sure of the spelling) and the families make this by twisting dough in this beautiful design and then it gets fried. It is very delightful to have tea and treats with the Tibetan families and I feel very blessed to have this experience. I can only imagine what the real celebration must be like.

Members of Tibetan family resize 200

There are photos of children and teenagers which are a part of these families that have been so kind to invite me into their homes. This culture is truly amazing.I hope you will take time to visit the links to the left that will provide news updates of the situation in Tibet. At this time Chinese authorities have closed Tibet to all foreign travelers (tourists) and news media. I challenge you all to think about his….if there is nothing to hide why do they close off Tibet?

UN Justice for Tibet resize 450

I look forward to sharing more with you in the days to come.

Right now I would like to give a big thanks to those who donated clothing and dry erase makers for the organization Lha. In addition to Lha my friend Dolkar is very excited to have some clothing items to send to her grand children.

2009-02 resized 400border

Also my friend Gyurmey’s nieces benefited from some of the adult clothing that was provided. There are pictures provided of these lovely people. Thanks to the following people for their kind donations.

Meredith, Amber, Elizabeth, Brandi, Dusty and James thanks for the clothing. Also a big thanks to Jessy Lang at Good Things boutique (even though I was not able to pick up the items). Annette and Jeremy Scott participated in the Dry Erase Marker drive. A big thanks for the 40 plus markers that will be made use of in classes at Lha.

Thanks to you all for your kindness and generosity. The gratitude is sincerely felt by all who receive your donations here in the Tibetan community.

Thu jee chee (thank you),