We Stand with Tibetans

On this important day March 10th we stand with all Tibetans who have for 54 years requested basic Human Rights!


We especially stand with the exiled Tibetan community as the long struggle continues.

Over 160,000 Tibetans have fled to India since 1959 and numerous settlement camps continue to be temporary residence for thousands as they wait to return home.

The Tibetan Organic Farmers of Mundgod have taken an important initiative to adopt organic practices with the wish to return back to India the pristine lands they have resided on since the early 1960’s. Tattihali Settlement Camp of Mundgod, India was the second settlement camp to be established in India.  There are currently 9 camps and several Buddhist monasteries which make up a population of 20,000 or more  Tibetans in the Mundgod area. The Tibetan farmers have been returning the land to the rich minerals of organic soil as the ethical practices of organic farming are implemented.

In 2011 we discovered the situation of the Tibetan Organic Farmers with great need for support, as issues of climate change, water problems, and poverty were affecting many farmers. Pennies for Partnerships’ – People Feeding People Outreach aligned with the farmers to show support to the principles of organic farming, we well as to continue to remain in solidarity with Tibetans in exile.

The Tibetan Organic Farmers continue to benefit from the Pennies for Partnerships PfP outreach as we continue to purchase rice from the Tibetan Organic Farmers at a fair market value to show economic support to the farmers, then we gift the rice to those who live with food insecurity and hunger in the surrounding community.

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The last two months, January and February 2013, concluded the 1 year pilot program for the People Feeding People outreach. We will soon be hiring an independent party to conduct the post test evaluation with the 20 families who have been recipients of the rice contributions. The outcome study will provide the opportunity to establish best practices and move the program into phase II development.

Phase II development consists of sponsored Greenhouses/Shade houses for covered gardening with the potential to secure a secondary source of income with sustainability. Additionally, the Phase II Greenhouse/Shade house would consist of a giving forward gardening program to grow a small amount of starters for permaculture gardens in the Indian village where PfP sponsored families can grow their own vegetables and establish self reliance.

We are currently seeking volunteers to share their knowledge in the development of the greenhouse planning.

We also will continue to support the Tibetan Organic Farmers with the purchase of rice to be donated to those who have food insecurity in the surrounding community. The 25 kg (55 lb) bag of rice costs approximately $15.00 and will support a family of 5 for approximately two weeks of a staple food item.

If you or anyone you know is interested in donating or contributing with knowledge please share our information.

Donations can be made through Paypal (see the button on left side bar) or visit the official non-profit site of Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas


or Mail to:

Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas, Inc.

Pennies for Partnerships- PFP

PO Box 269

Fayetteville, AR 72702-0269 US

The Pennies for Partnerships – People Feeding People outreach is made possible by your compassionate gifts.

We are 100% volunteer 

With great appreciation and gratitude to all who have given over the years and continue to support the project, Thank you!

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey (Director PFP)