Pennies for Partnerships – Give Forward

Hello. I am happy to post the opportunity to support the Pennies for Partnerships Rice Drive to address hunger through the Give Forward fund raising option.

You can now give the gift of rice through one simple click on the above link. The fund raiser has been established with a first time goal of obtaining $5000.00 but as we are all aware there are many more people to be fed than just those who would benefit from this amount. Obviously the project is able to accept beyond this amount but this would be a wonderful start.

An article in 2009 noted that there are “230 million people undernourished in the rural poor population”

Food inflation in India has become a growing concern. In the news in March it was reported that food costs have soared between 2009 and 2010 by 25%. In addition one of the reports noted that India has about half of the world’s under-nourished children. This is creating difficulties for addressing the UN Millennium Development Goals to be obtained by 2015. The international community can assist.

For more information about the hunger issues of India read the article “Hunger Haunts India” posted back in October.

“The country has a high “hunger score” of 24.1 and ranks behind all its neighbours, barring Bangladesh. Values between 20 and 29.9 on the index denote an “alarming” hunger situation.”

The report mentioned that even though in India there is advancement in the middle class there is also a dimension of great concern such as those who are deprived due to vulnerability, powerlessness, exploitation, marginalization and alienation which perpetuates poverty in certain sectors of society. These are the people we are trying to reach with the Pennies for Partnerships project.

Please if you have the ability to give we are currently in the next planning phase for distribution and your contribution is much appreciated.

You can give today through the Give Forward website link listed at the top of the page

or contact me directly.

Gifts of all size are greatly beneficial to those who often go hungry in a day.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity. Please remember you can also give by sharing this link and the link to the Give Forward site with your e-mail contacts, family, friends, colleagues, and social networking sites like facebook and twitter. It all helps.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey


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