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Hello, Namaste and Tashi Delek.

Hello from India!

People Feeding People/Pennies for Partnerships prepares for the September delivery. My time in India is coming to an end for the 22 month journey abroad; although, I anticipate a return visit in the future to continue the growth of the PFP project. We are however in need of fund raising and expertise in greenhouse cultivation to expand the pilot program developed this past year. As always, sustainability of a program is essential for long-term success. Therefore, my efforts in the coming months will be to resource partnerships, fund raising events, and annual support programs.

In July and August the Tibetan Organic Farmers continued to deliver the rice donated by Pennies for Partnerships/ People Feeding People to the sponsored community in Mundgod.

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Thanks to all who made it possible to reach the twenty families with the 25 kg bags of rice, providing 2 weeks of a staple food item to families who experience hunger, are at risk of mal-nutrition, and live below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day.

Featured Family

To better understand the recipient families this month we will start by featuring monthly blogs of family assessments, in hopes to obtain annual sponsorship for the family in need.

Family 1:

The family consists of husband age 45 (not in photo), married with 4 children. The children are three females age 22 (not in photo), 12 (stopped school at 2nd class), and 10 (attending class 3). There is one boy age 17 with 7th grade education. We were told the 12 year old girl is no longer in school because her duties are to look after the home and prepare food, since her father is away for work and the mother is away during the day collecting plastic for recycling; therefore, there is no one to look after the simple hut which is not able to be locked.

Family work mo  mo food expense
Male m=45 1 calendar sales Rs. 600.00
Wife n/a 1
Child f=22 1
Child m-17   (stopped 7th class) 1 plastic recycling Rs. 600.00
Child f=12     (stopped 2nd class) 1
Child f=10     (in 3rd class) 1
Rs 1400.00 Rs.1600.00

The family has an Indian Ration Card which provides a small amount of discounted food although it is only about a 2 week supply; therefore, leaving the family with food insecurity and feelings of hunger. When asked what their monthly food budget is the family answered they plan and try to prepare 2 meals a day. The weekly food expense is rs400 ($ 8.00). This totals rs 1600 a month, exceeding the monthly total income of the family which at best is rs 1400 ($28.00). During an evening visit with the community I observed the young 12 year old girl enthusiastically prepare dinner, which consisted of four very small minnow like fish.  Each bowl served consisted of a small amount of broth with two very small pieces of fish accompanied with two roti, made from the rice provided by PFP. The young girl told me that once a week she prepares a very special meal which is either the small fish or chicken feet and heads.The husband/head of household works selling calendars which consists of selling posters purchased for 6 rupees each and sold for 10 rupees each. This type of work is common among the community and brings many days of travel to surrounding villages for festivals. The father is away from the home most of the time and brings in approximately rs600 – 700 ($12 – $14) monthly.  Other members of the family work collecting plastic for recycling. Recycling plastic consists of very long arduous days walking and carrying large bags of plastic and brings in approximately rs 600- 700 ($12-$14) monthly. The family’s total monthly income is approximately Rs 1400 ($ 28.00).

PFP aspires to assist the families with the opportunity to lift their nutritional intake by offering subsistence of a staple food item, opening purchasing power for other food items such as vegetables, protein pulses and meat. Additionally, PFP chooses to support the Tibetan Organic Farmers in an effort to sustain the organic farming ethics and offer economic benefit to the farmers in need.

At this time PFP would like to thank you all for your compassionate giving and continued support. Your generosity continues to support Tibetan Organic Farming Methods with economic development along with supporting families in need who experience hunger due to food insecurity.

To help continue the support for the families and farmers we are starting an annual family sponsorship program. If you or anyone you know might be interested in sponsoring a family for as little as $15.00 a month, only $ .50 a day please email me at penniesforpartnerships@gmail.com or post a comment here on the blog. You can also make a one time paypal donation for an annual family sponsorship for $180.00.

Also please help share the information to build the program by helping our grassroots project get exposure; share on your facebook page our link.  A little goes a long way and sharing is caring. Please consider sharing these links:



We are always open to creative input and energy and are looking for volunteers.

People Feeding People – Pennies for Partnerships is a volunteer based outreach under the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas (TCIA) a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. If you wish to make a contribution- a bag of rice is $15.00 for 25 kg (55 pounds) and will provide a family of five at least 2 weeks of a staple food item and ensures continuous meals throughout the month.

Contributions to PFP can be made through PayPal – see the donate button in the left sidebar or visit the official website of TCIA www.artibet.com

If you wish to mail a check please send to:

Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas

c/o Pennies for Partnerships

PO Box 269
Fayetteville, AR 72702-0269 USA

Thank you again for your compassionate giving.

Kind Regards,

Leann Halsey (MSW)

Director People Feeding People/ Pennies for Partnerships


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