WINNERS PfP- Bangles for Bucks Online Raffle

Hello, Namaste, and Tashi Delek!

I am happy to post the results of the Pennies for Partnerships’ Bangles for Bucks online raffle.

It was great fun to take the gift from our donor, Franz from Austria, and make the online raffle a way to generate funds to purchase Tibetan Organic Rice for the PfP sponsored families who experience food insecurity due to destitute poverty.

The raffle was a huge success and together we turned the gift from Franz into a wonderful future opportunity to address poverty among Tibetan Organic Farmers and to offer subsistence for those who experience hunger.  Together we turned what was originally about $200 worth of jewelry into a great deal more. Not only does the jewelry provide for the purchase of rice from Tibetan Organic Farmers but offers additional commitment to those we serve. The remaining  jewelry donated by Franz was contributed to one family in lowest economic status of the Indian community we serve; a single Mother with two beautiful children. I look forward to being able to report to you how she may have turned the jewelry into an economic opportunity for her family.
Over $600 was brought in for the Bangles for Bucks online raffle which is not including the sponsor match. ALL raffle participants will be receiving a little something as our way of saying thank you for your generosity and compassion in the giving of what we have for others and also for taking Pennies for Partnerships into the future.
“It’s the little things we can do to try to make a difference in the lives of others that makes it so meaningful.”
Franz we appreciate you, as well we truly appreciate ALL the donors who played in the Bangles for Bucks online raffle.
Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the International participation; we had participating members from USA, Singapore, and Austria; great PfP (People feeding People)! We ARE a global family.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated and the WINNERS are:
Diana Suber
Audry Herbert
Choon Hiang Chung
Liz Shearer
Sharon Halsey-Hoover
Deb Halsey
Becky McCoy
Bill Symes
BUT you are ALL WINNERS and every size gift if extremely important and appreciated that is why the listed contributors above will receive the gifts donated by Franz but all who participated will receive something.  Tashi Delek and Congratulations!

Thank you all again to all for your continued generosity and compassion in supporting the PfPBangles for Bucks online Raffle.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to pledge to sponsor a family for a full year. I will send photos and bios of each family and you can choose the family you wish to sponsor. At this time we have 7 pledges and are looking to sponsor 20 families at this time. By getting pledges for sponsor of the existing 20 families we then can start distribution to an additional 20 families.

Slowly slowly together we can create change! 

Keep in touch and please remember sharing is caring. Feel free to share our blog with your friends and families as this is our only way to get the word out through social networks.

and visit our official nonprofit Organization Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas at:

Also donations are accepted online through paypal (see left side bar) or checks can be mailed to:

Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas, Inc.

Pennies for Partnerships

PO Box 269

Fayetteville, AR 72702-0269 US

Additionally please feel free to contact me directly with your interests or ideas.

or you can comment on the blog and I will reply.

Take care and again Much appreciation to you ALL.


Kind regards,

Leann Halsey

Director- Pennies for Partnerships (TCIA initiative)


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