Seasons’ Greetings – Change for Change

Season’s Greetings from India

Hello, Namaste, and Tashi Delek.

I am writing today to first wish each of you a most enjoyable and love filled holiday season. As I reflect this Christmas Eve morning on the season of giving and look back at this past year I am consciously aware of your generosity to the Pennies for Partnerships project in which not only did the Tibetan and Indian communities benefit, but I was gifted with the amazing experience of giving as your messenger. I truly love this opportunity to act as an instrument of your giving and therefore, I would like to offer you my sincerest gratitude for your gifts that you have given to assist in addressing economic development through fair trade to Tibetan Organic Farmers and in contributing to the outreach to those who have food insecurity in their daily lives.

The Holiday Season reminds us of the opportunity to give, although, many do this throughout the year. Pennies for Partnerships was able to give through your contributions this past year nearly 6 tons of rice which contributed to both the Tibetan Organic Farmers who struggle with poverty and the Indian Villagers who experience hunger in their days. Thanks to your compassionate giving many benefited.

This season I realize there are numerous organizations and opportunities to give to those in need and many of you have already made your Holiday contributions. I would however like to mention a wonderful example of how a friend garnered support to purchase rice for those in need.

At Thanksgiving this year he passed an envelope around and asked his family members to make small contributions towards the purchase of rice. His family contributed 5 bags of rice, each which costs $15.00 for 55 pounds and feeds a family for about 3 weeks. This shared group contribution will make a substantial difference in the lives of the recipients.

This Christmas Season I would like to keep with the initial mission of Pennies for Partnerships in that giving a little can go a long way. Your assistance in generating continued support through a Partnership for Global Change is very important to help reach the UN Millennium Goals to end hunger and poverty by 2015.

Would you please present to your families and friends at your holiday gatherings the opportunity to give Change for Change.  I envision hats and baskets passed as offerings during this season with people emptying their change pockets, feeling joy as they give a little Change to create a little Change. Your assistance in offering this opportunity to give is also a great gift and service to others. Upon collecting the change you can then donate directly online by visiting our official website for the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas (TCIA)

or through the blog

The blog offers full details of the project and the results of this past year grassroots efforts; so please feel free to share the blog and encourage your networks to contribute. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, I would like to Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to 2012 and the opportunity to continue the work as your messenger of compassionate giving in India.

Happy Holidays,

Leann Halsey

Director- Pennies for Partnerships (TCIA Philanthropic Initiative)


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