Update of Planned Distribution

Tashi Delek.

I would like to first thank everyone who has donated to the Pennies for Partnerships and provide you an update.

We currently have funding to purchase approximately 85 bags of organic rice at 25kg (55 pounds each). This is an additional 2125 kg (4675 pounds). The schedule for this large distribution will occur in a few months based on receiving the proper permits and also following the harvest. Until then we would like to continue to generate funds for the projects with the hopes of distributing to as many families as possible.

The above total does not include 7 bags which will be purchased for the school project alone which we will be scheduling to do the distribution in the next week. Because of logistics and timing we are unable to procure Tibetan Organic Rice and deliver to the India village so we have modified the project. since the class will be breaking soon and we need to provide follow up to the students we have decided to remain in the spirit of both communities benefiting so we will purchase local rice from the Indian farmers in Himachal Pradesh and distribute to some of the Tibetan refugees most in need. Thanks to the Tibetan Women’s Association we are able to efficiently locate the families and individuals most in need here in Dharamsala.

So to bring you up to date fully.

Pennies for Partnerships has already served 105 families in India and will serve at this time an additional 92 household making a total of 197 households served. The total amount of rice purchases that has been provided by gifts to Pennies for Partnerships is 10,835 pounds of rice (4925 kg).

I would like to say this is only make possible by your generous contributions.

Also soon there will be a group of fellows arriving in India who have expressed interest in giving energy to the project to assist the farmers. This is a very exciting opportunity for us to welcome new and fresh energy in hopes of building upon the current foundation of Pennies for Partnerships.

I would like to also mention a discussion with a fellow social worker of whom I met when the relationship with the Tibetan Farmers was first being developed. Because PfP has always been a project that supported existing Tibetan organizations she and I have been discussing the way in which we can combine forces since she was inspired by this project to return to California and have a fund raiser for the Tibetan Old People’s Home in Mundgod settlement camp. She recently brought in approximately $1400 to assist with projects for the elders and also contributed money for PfP to subsist with the purchase of organic foods for the elders. More to come on the ways in which the partnerships will develop.

Again thank you and if you have a creative idea, want to get involved, or want to contribute please comment or e-mail me:


I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Leann Halsey


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