Two Days to Win

Tashi Delek!

Hello and remember if you are receiving this on e-mail please click on the title bar to go directly to the blog where you will find pictures and more to enhance the reading enjoyment.

This is a quick post to remind you that there are two days left to purchase your raffle tickets for only $1.00 and get your name in the drawing for many wonderful Tibetan gifts.

There are about 30 participants in the raffle at this time and you there are many prizes so if you have a moment and $1.00 to play there is a good cahnce you can win a lovely prize from the Tibetan refugee community. At the same time you are providing a wonderful gift to hundreds of Tibetan refugees in India because you will be supporting the educational programs that empower them to live a more productive life while in exile.

Below is a list of the current raffle participants and if your name is not on the list and you have sent a contribution in the form of a paypal donation, clothing donations, or markers please notify me.

If you want to be in the drawing there is still time to participate. Just take a moment and go to

Today I had a wonderful experience and was invited to meet one of the students parents. They are very lovely and the mother arrived one month ago from Tibet. There is very little I can say for safety reasons of the refugees especially when they are new arrivals. All I can tell you is the hospitality of the families that have so little and the joy they bring into my life with their sweet and endearing actions of kindness is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. This culture is made up of people who are kind and giving and although they have so little they would give everything they have to me or you if they knew it would make you happy. I have been so blessed to be able to experience this amazing culture of people that have experienced such hardships yet they maintain generosity and kindness while enduring such struggles you and I would never be able to possibly understand.

Thank you to all of you for your kindness and generosity you have shown the Tibetan refugees through your thoughtful contributions. The smallest gifts you give continue to add so much to their lives as they sincerely do not look for handouts but look for ways they can become educated and empowered to participate in society.

The following are people who’s names are currently in for the raffle drawing based on your different types of contributions.Tashi Delek also means Good Luck in Tibetan. I look forward to notifying you all next week of the fabulous prizes you have won.

Thank you,


Amber Jackson
Gay L Heit
LoveYourGirl LLC
piteira-martins Sandra
Sara Daly
Sharon K Halsey-Hoover
sloane mandy
Zabrina De Los Santos
Erica Kane
Rita Vail
Sharon O’Grady
Meredith Suttle
Amber Jackson
Brandi Pledger
Elizabeth Mitchiner
Dusty and James Anderson
Jerrmy Gawthrop
Jasson Henderson
Deb Halsey
Jeremy Scott
Clair Lowe
olivia herbert
Julia Cheng
David Brister
Jennifer Peters
Morgan Knotts
Daniel Gold
gary scott
Andrea Caldwell
kathleen woodrow
Jody Cohen
Lara Walker
Denise Doherty
Mary Pat Thompson

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